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Armstrong-Hilton: Communication & Development

About the Programme

Delivered at lunch time (or tea-time if more convenient) the “Language Labs” are designed to be informal, though highly focused, stand-alone sessions each based on one specific skill.

In light of developments in on-line training the Language Labs can be delivered online using Zoom.


•   Renew enthusiasm for learning English in a light-hearted, social setting

•   Build confidence communicating in English

•   Better understand your further communication needs


a)   Common Errors in Written Business English
b)   Socialising 101
c)   Email Etiquette
d)   Persuasive Presentations
e)   Presenting Solutions for Problems
f)   Cultural Understanding
g)   Rapid Reports
h)   Overcoming Pronunciation Problems


•   each session is approximately 90 minutes long

“Trainer is very interesting and fun”

“I really enjoy participating in this training”

Case Study

A major MPF provider was looking for a training firm that could raise its staff’s interest in training in general and motivate them to voluntarily join communications training.

In 2018 a series of lunch-and-learn sessions were initiated with AH which included: common English errors; language for problem solving; persuasive presentations and how to overcome pronunciation obstacles. Attendance has been in the 60s and feedback very positive, with staff now signing-up for other writing and oral workshops.