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Armstrong-Hilton: Communication & Development

About the Programme


•   Use logic when speaking

•   Adapt and strategise according to different audiences and scenarios

•   Develop contemporary English and hone pronunciation & fluency

•   Improve vocabulary range


The coaching will cover the following skill sets.  Focus will be adapted depending upon the candidate’s performance and feedback.

a)   Communicating logically
b)   Developing awareness
c)   Reading and adapting to your audience
d)   Presenting opinions and alternatives
e)   Summarising and concluding
f)   Sounding and looking confident and persuasive
g)   Preparing for specific meetings, presentations or events
h)   Developing rapport using colloquialisms and slang
i)    Using tact to complain or express dissatisfaction

Some areas that may be of additional interest:

•   Entertaining clients/socialising with colleagues
•   Recommending food or drinks on the menu – eating out


•   Typically 10 x 90-minute sessions

Case Study

“Good time management & good having online exercises in advance”

A government research agency’s senior executive needed to present to the Institute of Accountants to explain the benefits of FinTech. The executive has an unparalleled understanding of the technical realm, but required assistance bringing his presentations to life.

A half-day intensive coaching session was arranged to work on the presentation deck and delivery. The pre and post videos show a marked improvement; subsequent feedback was given online; and both the executive and his colleagues agreed that the presentation delivered was beyond their expectations.

The training director at a trading company required assistance polishing her presentation for a board briefing where she was to explain why a new training direction was required and how it was to be rolled out.

An intensive coaching session was arranged a couple of days before the presentation. The materials were extensively rewritten, and the delivery worked upon focusing on how the company would benefit as opposed to the strengths of the training.

The briefing was delivered successfully, and the company is now following the new training direction.

“Excellent performance of the trainer”

“Love his teaching because it is very fun and lively”

A C-suite member of a Hong Kong bank needed strategies to overcome the divergent tactics of her European colleagues.

Over a series of sessions AH coached her to sell her message more effectively and use body language to her advantage.

This resulted in a more commandeering and impactful presence when the executive next attended European meetings. AH was retained to help prepare for subsequent presentations and critical meetings.