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Armstrong-Hilton: Communication & Development

About the Programme


•   Use appropriate tones and styles in context

•   Present complex ideas simply, clearly and logically in writing

•   Use correct grammar

•   Keep up-to-date with contemporary English


a)   Implementing clear logic and planning
b)   Using paragraphing to add structure and cohesion
c)   Enhancing readability and flow using clauses and varying structures
d)   Developing tone and a personal style
e)   Adapting to address and impact different audiences
f)   Reducing wordiness and improve accuracy


•   Typically 10 x 90-minute sessions

“I was surprised at how relevant the course was to my day-to-day email writing”

Case Study

A senior manager with a Hong Kong charity needed help polishing her writing style in preparation for promotion. The focus was on moving away from cliched Hong Kong-English to clearer unambiguous copy. After 6 months, with the manager already successfully owning her new role, it was decided that the goals had been achieved.