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Armstrong-Hilton: Communication & Development

About the Workshop


•   Write effective and commanding emails using clear and crisp language

•   Develop stronger ties with your client base & network using appropriate tone

•   Update your writing style incorporating modern English usage


a)   Organising your writing
b)   Writing more clearly
c)   Targeting the tone of your writing
d)   Writing to engage and influence different scenarios
e)   Dos and Don’ts of email etiquette


•   1-day workshop

Target Audience

•   Anyone who would like to improve their email writing skills
•   Lower intermediate English proficiency and above

Group Size

•   Maximum 16 participants

“Nick gives many useful keywords and tips for writing emails. His teaching skill is great and all the classmates feel happy when learning. I will definitely attend his class again if there is chance.”

Case Study

AH worked with a quasi-government institution from 1999, developing a tailored email writing workshop to address the specific needs of staff in 2008. The overwhelming popularity of the course means that since inception it has been regularly oversubscribed and is now run every month. Feedback from participants to their supervisors has led to several individual coaching courses being run to develop participants’ presentations skills, writing skills and overcome pronunciation issues.