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Armstrong-Hilton: Communication & Development

Our Story

Armstrong-Hilton was established in the 20th Century to provide business English training courses to companies in Hong Kong. In the intervening years we have worked with most household names, expanded and then withdrawn from China, and also established Hong Kong’s leading academic editing company, AsiaEdit, of which our Lead Trainer Nick Case is COO.

What we Aim to Achieve

Working with a meticulously assembled team we help companies solve human development and communication challenges through targeted workshops delivered by trainers with business experience.

Why Choose Us

Small is Beautiful
Our select team of trainers works only in areas where they can add value, and all bring relevant business experience to their training.
Focused Workshops
We prefer the challenge of workshops focused on specific needs, so that we can all enjoy measurable outcomes.

Cost Competitive
A friendly, personalised training provider with years of experience and proven results that doesn’t cost the Earth. What’s not to like!

Meet our lead trainer - Mr Nick Case

Nick has been training corporate and academic clients for over 25 years. He has worked with banks, insurers, property developers, trading companies, manufacturers, logistics, entertainment firms and universities.

With a focus on motivating his students’ drive to improve themselves and achieving clearly identifiable practical progress and growth, he coaches C-suite executives and develops the communication skills of general office and customer-facing staff.

Moving to Hong Kong in 1992 after completing his MBA at The University of Keele in the UK, Nick worked in advertising for three years before taking a post as a Course Director at Chinese University. In 1996 Nick teamed up with Peter Day to found Armstrong-Hilton, a corporate communications training business, which expanded from Hong Kong to add mainland China offices before refocusing back to Hong Kong and developing the sister editing company; initially AH-Editing and now AsiaEdit.

In his spare time Nick enjoys hiking with his family, and keeping abreast of current affairs and developments in economic thinking.